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Lawsuit reveals SECRET LIST of journalists pushing propaganda on behalf of U.S. government

Author : Ethan Huff | Editor : Anty | July 10, 2023 at 08:34 AM

America Legal First (ALF) has successfully uncovered evidence of a secret "journalist" pool that was hired by the United States government to push propaganda and lies on the public on behalf of the deep state and its various agendas.

As part of a litigatory effort against the State Department to uncover the dark and ugly truth about the so-called Global Engagement Center (GEC), ALF obtained documents that expose what the group describes as "international censorship czars" whose job it is to decide what you are able to see online.

They are called "journalists," but we put that word in quotes because these people are nothing more than paid propagandists who "fact check" the news as it circulates online and stamp out anything that Big Brother decides is "false" or "misleading."

Several key names were obtained from these documents, including the following who convene regularly to discuss "action items" that the government wants accomplished:

    • Ana Brakus, Faktograf, Croatia
    • Angie Holan, PolitiFact, United States
    • Barbara Whitaker, Associated Press, United States
    • Ellen Tordesillas, Vera Files, Philippines
    • Gülin Çavu?, Teyit, Turkey
    • Jency Jacob, Boom, India
    • Maarten Schenk, Lead Stories, Belgium / United States
    • Pablo M. Fernandez, Chequeado, Argentina
    • Rabiu Alhassan, GhanaFact, Ghana
    • Thanos Sitistas, Elinika Hoaxes, Greece
    • Tijana Cvjeti?anin, Raskrinkavanje, Bosnia-Herzegovina

All of these "fact checkers" are anything but the benevolent truth-seekers that the U.S. government wants us all to believe they are. Instead, they all appear to be ideological activists affiliated with the infamous Poynter network, and all of them seem to be getting paid from the same nefarious sources to regurgitate the same misleading lies about what is really going on in the world.

(Related: Did you know that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum [WEF] is recruiting "information warriors" and tasking them with destroying the First Amendment online?)

"Independent fact checkers" are really just centralized fact DESTROYERS

Ironically, all of these so-called "independent fact checkers" are bankrolled by the same sources. They are also all credentialed by IFCN, a Poynter-backed organization that gives a rubber stamp of "legitimacy" to their online content moderation activities.

Take Angie Holan, for instance. Holan is the editor-in-chief of PolitiFact and has been affiliated with the group since 2007 when it was first launched. In 2009, Holan won a Pulitzer Prize, and ever since has remained deeply embedded in the Poytner network, participating in lectures on how to expand the Censorship Industrial Complex.

AFL has previously shown that the Poynter network controls both PolitiFact and FactCheckNet, the latter of which received its initial funding from none other than the Department of State-funded National Endowment for Democracy, as well as the Omidyar Network, Google, Facebook, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros' infamous Open Society.

According to research compiled by Matt Taibbi as part of his report on the Censorship Industrial Complex, the Poynter network ranks as No. 8 on the list of the top 50 organizations involved in driving online censorship.

Then we have Ana Brakus, executive director and journalist at the Croatian media outlet Faktograf Brakus' beat centers around the "ultraconservative political and civic movement," which she of course criticizes relentlessly for spreading "misinformation."

Despite calling itself a non-profit organization devoted to quality journalism, critical thinking, and creating an informed public, Faktograf is basically a carbon copy of PolitiFact, having received direct financial support from the State Department.

ALF joked that Faktograf "is so committed to an informed public and critical thinking that in 2021 Brakus called for more authority to censor political leaders," adding that Brakus told Poynter that "fact checkers should be allowed to fact check politicians," including the ability to "moderate" and "enforce" the speech of people like former President Donald Trump.

Anyone who questions the censorship decisions made by Brakus and Faktograf is immediately dubbed as "harassing" or "promoting violence," which often results in some kind of retaliatory punishment.

The Associated Press is a state-run media outlet funded by the State Department

Barbara Whitaker over at the Associated Press (AP) is another who deserves a prominent mention as the wire service's "fact checks" read "like the talking points of a left-wing policy shop," to quote ALF.

Like the others, the AP is funded by the State Department, meaning it is a state-run media outlet not unlike the kind run by communist China. The AP is anything but independent, in other words, despite pretending to be neutral and just reporting the "news."

Then there is Teyit, a Turkish "fact checking" platform that, like the others, has ties to the U.S. government deep state. After "reporting" on "misinformation problems about refugees" in 2016, Gülin Çavu? caught the attention of Poynter which helped her win an IFCN fellowship the following year in 2017.

"She is now the EIC for a Poynter-credentialed fact-check site with an outsized influence on what content is 'moderated,'" ALF says.

In December 2020, Çavu? wrote a hit piece on people who fall for "conspiracy theories," which usually means ideas and beliefs that are probably true but that the government does not want people believing.

"Where does a 30-something journalist in Turkey get the authority to control what people in the United States, and in other countries around the world, can and cannot see on social media platforms?" ALF wants to know.

Be sure to peruse the full thread from ALF to learn more about who controls the "news" in the modern era.

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