June 25, 2024

Canadian BLM president charged for hate crimes against Catholic School

Author : Adora Nwofor | Editor : Anty | July 07, 2023 at 10:18 AM

The president of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Canada has been charged with a hate crime over an alleged incident that occurred at a Catholic school in Calgary, Alberta.

Adora Nwofor, 47, has been charged with criminal mischief for allegedly "wilfully obstructing and interfering" with the use of a property "primarily used for religious worship and educational purposes," according to Calgary Herald.

Nwofor, who is president of Black Lives Matter YYC, is accused of interfering with people trying to gain access to St. Thomas Aquinas School on May 26 for reasons pertaining to "bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin," the outlet reports.

Nwofor was formally charged on June 2 and has been banned from being within 100 meters of the school. She has since been released on no-cash bail, and has been ordered by a judge not to speak with people at St. Thomas Aquinas School as a condition of release, according to the outlet.

She is set to appear before a judge in court on Friday.

Calgary Herald reports that members associated with this Black Lives Matter chapter in particular have a history of legal battles due to criminal actions. 

Defense lawyer Chad Haggerty, who is representing Nwofor, is also representing Black Lives Matter activist Taylor McNallie in a case in which McNallie allegedly assaulted an off-duty sheriff on the steps of the Calgary Courts Centre during a protest in 2021.

On April 12, 2021, McNallie allegedly assaulted an off-duty sheriff, Elena Cunningham, with a megaphone during a BLM protest against the Calgary Police Department.

McNallie testified that Cunningham had taken her phone and when McNallie went to retrieve it she "accidentally" struck Cunningham with the megaphone, according to court records.

In addition to the assault on the police officer, McNallie is involved in a separate criminal case in which she has been accused of pouring water on a photographer and breaking his eyeglasses, the outlet reports.

McNallie is expected to receive a verdict in court on Thursday.

Black Lives Matter Inc. has been at the height of scrutiny in the United States as it has been revealed that the organization, which has received millions of dollars in donations, failed to supply funds to its branch chapters. BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who self-identifies as a "trained Marxist," recently lost a multi-year contract with Warner Bros Television Group after failing to provide content.

Cullors, who helped found BLM in 2013, stepped down from the organization after a real-estate scandal emerged in May 2021 when it was revealed she spent $3.2 million on four different homes in Georgia and California. Soon after, more reports started to emerge of Black Lives Matter leadership using company funds for personal luxury

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