July 24, 2024

Big scandal in France: according to Mediapart, Marlène Schiappa "personally sweetened 100,000 euros in subsidy to SOS Racisme"

Author : Sheikh Dieng | Editor : Anty | June 15, 2023 at 10:26 AM

Marlène Schiappa, once again, in the hot seat in the case of the Marianne Funds.

Indeed, while several media in France are reporting possible irregularities in the expenditure linked to this fund which was supposed to be used to fight against Islamist separatism, the Secretary of State has just been personally accused by Mediapart of " sweetening 100,000 euros in subsidy to SOS Racisme”. According to the investigation site, it was his former chief of staff who made the revelation during his appearance before the Senate inquiry committee.

"The news fell in the middle of the day, in full hearing of her former chief of staff before the Senate commission of inquiry into the Marianne fund: Marlène Schiappa will not be able to hold the 'press brief' that she had planned for the morning. even. The day after the publication of a damning report on the management of this funding program launched by him and the resignation of the prefect Christian Gravel, who was in charge, the former minister delegate in charge of citizenship expected to get out of this affair by distilling its elements of language to journalists”, informs Mediapart.

And to add: “But the hearing of Sébastien Jallet, who led his cabinet from September 2020 to January 2022, destroyed this communication plan. Because the senior official, now prefect of Orne, notably explained under oath that Marlène Schiappa had directly intervened in the selection process for the Marianne fund, contrary to what she has always indicated so far. According to the information collected by the senators, the minister would have intervened after the meeting of the selection committee to exclude from the financing project an association with which she was in political disagreement. Asked, his cabinet did not respond.

Alluding to the 100,000 euro subsidy, Mediapart made a major revelation. “Without revealing the name of this structure, Sébastien Jallet confirmed that Marlène Schiappa had ruled against the choice of the selection committee to award him 100,000 euros. And this, he said, 'due to a fairly old history of relations' with the association and a recent 'questioning' of the minister's action by one of its members. in the press. "There was indeed a reversal by the minister [of the decision of the selection committee]", admitted the former chief of staff. According to our information, the association in question is none other than SOS Racisme. 

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