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Terrible news for Macron: more than 15 billion would have been diverted from the Salary Guarantee agency which depends on the State

Author : Sheikh Dieng | Editor : Anty | May 09, 2023 at 06:54 AM

A scandal that comes at a very bad time for Emmanuel Macron.

While France is shaken by violent waves of demonstrations against the pension reform, suspicions of embezzlement of more than 15 billion euros shake the wage guarantee agency (ags), responsible for a public service mission . In any case, this is what we learned, on May 3, the newspaper Le Monde which revealed a complaint from the Anticor association.

“Anticor invites itself into the financial scandal that has hit the Wage Guarantee Agency (AGS), where billions of euros have allegedly flown away in recent years, to the detriment of French companies, but also of thousands of employees a almost everywhere in France, ”reveals the media.

And to add: "according to information from Le Monde , the anti-corruption association has decided to become a civil party in the judicial investigation opened at the Paris prosecutor's office on alleged embezzlement within the AGS, which would have led to the possible embezzlement more than 15 billion euros in thirteen years".

Regarding the possible embezzlement, Le Monde tells us this: "Anticor explains that it has brought to light new information exposing a possible system of large-scale embezzlement of money, going beyond the former management of the AGS, left in 2018. The association points to part of the network of legal representatives linked to the agency, paid in fees, whose role is to distribute to employees the funds managed by the AGS. Even if it is private money, Anticor believes that the offense of embezzlement of public property can apply, since the AGS like the agents are responsible for a public service mission”.

And Le monde continued: “(…) one of the salient points of the file compiled by Anticor relates to the damage suffered by the employees of failing companies, who would not have been paid by certain agents despite the advances of funds of the AGS: according to the association, ' the absence of control (…)  has allowed certain agents to misappropriate these sums  (…) for a minimum amount of more than 700 million euros' over the last twenty years . She cites the case of Mory Ducros, this courier company whose compulsory liquidation pronounced in February 2014 had made the headlines. Some of its 2,882 dismissed employees would not have been paid.

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