April 13, 2024

Terrible news for Macron: a petition denouncing the repression in France has just exceeded 100,000 signatures

Author : Sheikh Dieng | Editor : Anty | May 05, 2023 at 07:37 AM

petition which is beginning to be massively relayed on the networks and which has already exceeded 100,000 signatures denounces the "repressive escalation" in France, which has been underway for several days in several cities of the country after the Macron government's announcement to resort to 49.3 to impose pension reform on the French.

"Madam Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior,

French territory – and the big cities more particularly – have for several days been the scene of large-scale, violent and totally disproportionate law enforcement operations.

Ces derniers jours ont vu le retour des nasses illégales, de l’usage d’armes mutilantes comme le LBD et les grenades de désencerclement ou explosives, du gazage à outrance, de l’emploi de policiers non formés au maintien de l’ordre et réputés pour leur violence, en particulier la brigade de répression de l’action violente motorisée (BRAV-M) et les brigades anti criminalité (BAC), avec des interpellations et des verbalisations indiscriminées, du matraquage systématique et des violences gratuites et attentatoires à la dignité, parfois même à l’intégrité physique des personnes.

President of the LDH (Human Rights League), an association which has worked since 1898 to defend rights and freedoms, I can only observe that you have chosen a repressive escalation to break legitimate social movements. Your brutal policy today plunges the country into a particularly alarming situation for democracy.

With this petition, the LDH and all the signatory citizens call on your government to reason and demand of you, Madam Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, respect for fundamental rights.

As soon as possible, we demand the prohibition of weapons of war and lethal immobilization techniques;

We also consider essential: the revision of the methods of intervention for maintaining order (in particular the removal of the BRAV-M and the trap); the abolition of the offense of voluntary participation in a group formed with a view to committing violence or degradation (article 222-14-2 of the penal code) and the end of “preventive” police custody, of the policy of numbers on arrests ; fair judicial treatment of acts of police violence and better supervision of contempt and rebellion proceedings; a reform of the conditions authorizing identity checks, today diverted from their purpose for purposes of pressure and repression; respect for the quality of independent observers and journalists, and more generally for the freedom to inform and report on the practices of law enforcement.

This is the prerequisite for a peaceful common future. Because the risk of an overflowing order is to be itself soon overwhelmed in the face of the tensions and the radicalism that it exacerbates.

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