December 06, 2023

Health scandal in France: 6 million people poisoned by fluoroquinolones go to court

Author : Sheikh Dieng | Editor : Anty | March 24, 2023 at 08:11 AM

A new scandal in France? The question arises and the answers will soon appear. Indeed, while the Coronavirus pandemic has not been in the news for several months, a new health scandal is likely to emerge in France, as just revealed on March 13 by the media France Info .

Indeed, according to this media, in France, in four years, six million people have been poisoned by fluoroquinolones, powerful antibiotics. The media has this information from an association of patients who are victims of these antibiotics. France Info tells us more.

“Fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics that can be used in severe bacterial infections. They are marketed under multiple names such as Oflocet, Ciflox or Tavanic. But they can be the cause of undesirable, irreversible or even fatal effects, ”explains the source.

And to add: “according to a patient association, six million prescriptions in violation of medical recommendations have been made over the past four years, a figure obtained from OECD prescription data for these drugs in France. Patients whose health has seriously deteriorated are asking the courts to open a criminal investigation into the responsibility of doctors and health authorities. A complaint has been filed with the Paris public health center and the Versailles prosecutor's office, and a dozen others should be filed this week.

In France, the victims, gathered around an association, are beginning to mobilize to denounce a scandal about which very little is said. Thus, joined by France Info , Philippe Coville, who suffers from serious neuropathies, asks "  that the justices of all the countries of Europe take up the subject to shed light on what happened and so that responsibilities be established”. 

The case begins to attract the attention of the mass media.

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