May 27, 2024

When Joe Biden fails so hard that he makes Putin look good

Author : Laura J. Wellington | Editor : Anty | March 08, 2023 at 03:37 AM

There is a growing trend on social media today.  Plenty of Americans are beginning to see Vladimir Putin as a hero and the president they only wish they had.  Unlike before, when Putin's limited popularity in our nation stemmed from photos of him working out or riding a horse half-dressed, Putin no longer seems cavalier and untouchable.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Beyond the bravado, Americans are beginning to see a man and a leader who cares about his country and his people much more than our own leaders do us.  Shared photos instigated such a transition, but the true metamorphosis resulted from the sown distrust between President Biden and his administration on one side and the American people on the other.  It left many wanting for a leader just like Putin. 

The United States no longer being the nation we once thought we were, Putin's questionable past has now been reframed to meet the new understanding and circumstances of today.  Bereft of a true leader, human nature strives to fill this void, and Putin is undeniably well within Americans' apertures thanks to technology and social sharing.  What they think they see, they like. 

This doesn't mean that the story being manufactured about Putin on these platforms is accurate.  What it shows, however, is how desperate the American people have become, that they would envy a once sworn enemy's ruler because of his perceived exceptionalism and devotion.  Talk about a historical first and testament to the complete and utter failure of the Biden administration.  In two years' time, life has become surreal, unaffordable, and maddening to the point that defecting to Russia is beginning to look good to some.

Whether or not these folks truly understand who Putin actually is, Putin appears to be no longer the villain in the story, but a leader who would rather die than let down his people.  With desperate times ensuring interesting bedfellows, Americans are desperate, which makes Putin seem like a panacea...right, wrong or indifferent.    


It doesn't matter if you agree — call it sheer naïveté, utter conspiracy, or literal nonsense.  The rise of Putin's popularity within American culture isn't by accident.  Whether it comes by way of those who know too little or know too much about history, it's happening, and we can thank our own incompetent president and his equally incompetent chiefs for it.

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