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20 Women Sexually Abused By Jeffrey Epstein Were Paid Through JPMorgan

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According to a recent court document, at least 20 women who suffered from sex trafficking and sexual abuse at Jeffrey Epstein properties were compensated through JPMorgan Chase accounts.

Between 2003 and 2019, the women are said to have been mistreated and trafficked in locations in New York, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other places.


The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Justice filed the document on February 15 (pdf below) and claims that the women received payments totaling more than $1 million in total.

“Epstein also withdrew more than $775,000 in cash over that time frame from JP Morgan accounts, especially significant as Epstein was known to pay for ‘massages,’ or sexual encounters, in cash,” the filing states. “Financial information also reflects payments drawn from JP Morgan accounts of nearly $1.5 million to known recruiters, including to the MC2 modeling agency, and another $150,000 to a private investigative firm.”

When Epstein passed away in jail in 2019, he was being tried on sex trafficking accusations. The medical examiner in New York City declared the death to be a suicide. In Florida in 2008, Epstein admitted to recruiting a minor for prostitution.

In late 2022, the then-U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Bank, claiming the bank assisted Epstein in committing crimes like sex trafficking. Shortly later, George was let go, but the case is still being pursued.

The newly submitted document is a less heavily censored version of the first amended complaint that was previously docketed.

‘Extremely High-Risk Client’

Epstein was a “extremely high-risk client,” according to the evidence, but JPMorgan staff continued to handle his accounts “because of his vast wealth and connections with other high net worth individuals,” the lawsuit states.


For instance, the business’s global corporate security section examined news reports that described the allegations against Epstein in Florida. Even though it considered Epstein to be a “high risk,” JPMorgan chose to continue doing business with him.

Internal emails from the division from 2010 asked, “Are you still comfortable with this client who is now a registered sex offender? ” new allegations of an investigation related to child trafficking.”

Due to fresh accusations of human trafficking, the company’s compliance director requested a new approval of the partnership in January 2011. Another employee questioned, “I thought we did that in approving a $50 million new line of credit last month?.”

No “material updates” had been found, according to a review that had been done that month. It further mentioned that Epstein had a conversation regarding the alleged people trafficking with Jes Staley, a senior JPMorgan officer. The charges and the supporting documentation, according to Epstein, are false.

Two months later, the security division revealed that Epstein had paid twelve cases with claimed victims and that he was associated with Jean Luc Brunel, the proprietor of the MC2 Model Management agency. Epstein then revealed his connections to Brunel. According to the vision, which stated that “It is unknown if the money was given as a secret investment or payment for services as a procurer,” the agency received $1 million from Epstein in 2005.


Close Relationship

Over 1,200 emails were sent and received between Epstein and Staley, the head of JP Morgan’s Private Bank. Authorities in the Virgin Islands noted that Staley frequently visited Epstein’s island and that the conversations “even suggest that Staley may have been involved in Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation.”

In one conversation, Staley claimed to have reached the island of Little St. James. Staley said, “Say hi to Snow White,” a few months later.

“What character would you like next?” Epstein asked.

“Beauty and the Beast,” Staley replied.

“Well one side is available,” Epstein said.

At another point in time, Staley wrote: “I realize the danger in sending this email. But it was great to be able, today, to give you, in New York City, a long heartfelt, hug.”

Numerous wire transfers also took place shortly after Staley requested something while in London and after Staley visited Epstein in Florida.

“None of the emails between Epstein and Staley were flagged in connection with risk reviews of Epstein’s accounts. Moreover, JP Morgan allowed Staley to remain a decision-maker on Epstein’s accounts. JP Morgan even tasked Staley to discuss the human trafficking allegations with Epstein,” the filing notes.

2013 Report

Even in 2013, the bank’s report stated that Epstein’s activities were “not exceptional.” No “unusual … activity” was happening, it said.

Virgin Islands authorities claimed that action should have been taken because of how frequently Epstein made payments and how many of those payments went to women.

Just before parting ways with Epstein in 2013, JP Morgan gave him lines of credit with a maximum of $50 million.

In New York’s federal court, the lawsuit was submitted.

In addition to civil penalties, the government is asking the court to require the bank to pay fines to the government and make repayment of “all ill-gotten gains.”

Also, the court should issue an injunction to stop “any further illegal conduct and any concealment of illegal conduct,” according to the authorities.

A request for comment from JP Morgan (JPMC) was not met with a response.

The bank filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, calling it “a masterclass in deflection” that seeks to hold JPMC liable for failing to investigate Epstein’s crimes more than ten years ago despite the fact that authorities “had access at the time to the same information, allegations, and rumors about Epstein on which it alleges JPMC should have acted.”

Denise George, former Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands, filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase alleging that the company profited from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation before being fired from her position. The Virgin Islands AG was fired for suing JPMorgan for profiting from the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation.

The lawsuit “proceeds on the untenable theory that JPMC was a participant in an Epstein sex-trafficking venture and was somehow uniquely situated to bring it to a halt,” the motion further claims.

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