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The US Has The Most Expensive Healthcare In The World

Author : GreatGameIndia | Editor : Anty | February 24, 2023 at 04:13 AM


The per-capita healthcare spending in various OECD countries indicates how expensive US healthcare is, with it being the most expensive in the world.

How much more costly is the American healthcare system than that of other wealthy nations?


There are numerous ways to answer that issue, but the per-capita healthcare spending in various OECD countries indicates that the cost is significantly higher.

The world’s highest per-capita healthcare spending is in the United States, with Germany coming in a second place far behind, as seen in the chart below, which includes both public and private spending as well as mandatory and voluntary expenditures.

In the United States, healthcare expenses in 2021 could reach $12,318 per person on average. That sum was $7,383 in Germany, a 40% decrease. However, the United States trails behind other countries in a number of areas, including health insurance coverage and life expectancy.

In German-speaking nations, the Netherlands, and Scandinavian nations, expensive healthcare is standard. Around $5,000 per person is the average cost in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Eastern Europe had the lowest per-capita health care expenses among developed countries.

According to a recent study that was released in PNAS, antidepressants are linked to the rise in superbugs. With a few days of exposure, bacteria develop drug resistance, not only against one antibiotic but multiple antibiotics.

Healthcare expenditures in OECD nations began to grow more sharply during the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, for greater comparability, the figure only contains values for the year 2021.

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