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The defeat of Ukraine is becoming clearer

Author : Thierry Meyssan | Editor : Anty | February 20, 2023 at 08:43 AM

The future of Ukraine is becoming clearer. The fighting is between the government in Kyiv, which refuses to honor its signature on the Minsk Agreements, and Russia, which intends to enforce Security Council Resolution 2202, which endorses the Agreements. On the one hand, a state that refuses international law and is supported by the West, on the other hand, another state that refuses Western rules and is supported by China and Turkey.

How could President Volodymyr Zelensky, elected to implement the Minsk Agreements, turn into an "integral nationalist" [1], siding with fanatics, heirs to the worst criminals of the 20th century? This is a mystery. The most likely hypothesis is financial, as Mr. Zelensky has been known since the publication of the Paradise Papers for his off-shore accounts and his properties in England and Italy. Incidentally, Volodymyr Zelensky does not have much to do with his "integral nationalists". He is a coward. At the beginning of the war, he stayed several weeks, hidden in a bunker, probably outside Kiyv. He came out only after Israeli Prime Minister Nafatali Bennett assured him that President Vladimir Putin had promised him that he would not kill the Ukrainian president [2]. Since then, he has been playing the matamore by video in all the political summits and artistic festivals in the West.

How did Turkey, a Western ally in NATO, get involved on the Russian side? This is easier to understand for those who followed the CIA’s assassination attempts on President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an. At first Erdo?an was a street thug. Then he became involved in an Islamic militia that led him to become close to both Afghan insurgents and Russian jihadists in Itchkeria, only after this journey did he enter politics, in the classical sense. During his period of support for anti-Russian Muslim groups, he was a CIA agent. Like many, when he came to power, he saw things differently. He gradually detached himself from Langley and wanted to serve his people. However, his personal evolution took place while his own country changed its strategy several times. Turkicia still has not come to terms with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It has tried several strategies in succession. Since 1987, it is a candidate for the European Union. In 2009, with Ahmet Davuto?lu, it thought of restoring its Ottoman influence. One thing leading to another, it imagined combining this national goal with the personal background of its president to become the homeland of the Muslim Brotherhood and restore the Caliphate, abrogated by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1924. But the fall of the Islamic Emirate, forces him to abandon this project. Türkiye then turns to the Turkish-speaking peoples, it hesitates to include the Uyghurs and finally chooses the ethnically Turkish peoples. In any case, in this quest, it no longer needed the Europeans or the United States, but Russia and China. After its victory over Armenia, it created the "Organization of Turkic States" (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan). In addition, Hungary and Turkmenistan have observer status).

Today, according to the Wall Street Journal, 15 Turkish companies export $18.5 million worth of equipment purchased in the United States every month to a dozen Russian companies that are subject to illegal US unilateral coercive measures (presented as "sanctions" by the Atlanticist propaganda) [3]. The US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian Nelson, went to Ankara in vain to force Turkey to comply with Western rules. Ankara continues to secretly support the Russian army.

When the US envoy pointed out that Turkey was on the wrong track by siding with the defeated Russia, his interlocutors presented him with the real figures of the war in Ukraine, established by Mossad and published by Hürseda Haber  [4]. On the ground, the balance of power is 1 to 8 in favor of Russia. There are 18,480 dead on the Russian side, against 157,000 on the Ukrainian side. As in Andersen’s fairy tale, the king was naked.

Türkiye is now blocking Sweden’s membership of NATO. In doing so, it is also blocking Finland’s membership, which was presented in the same file. If we accept the information of the Wall Street Journal, it is not a matter of chance. It is true that Ankara had obtained a commitment from these two countries to extradite the leaders of the PKK and Fethullah Gülen’s movement, a commitment they did not keep. But it could not have been otherwise, since the imprisonment of its leader, Abdullah Öcallan, the PKK has become a tool of the CIA and is now fighting under the orders of NATO, which was once an ally of the Soviets. [5]. As for Fethullah Gülen, he lives in the United States under the protection of the CIA.

So today, Turkey supports Russia in the same way as China: it supplies it with spare parts for its defence industry and does not hesitate to send it back American-made equipment. But while Croatia and Hungary, other Nato members, do not hesitate to say publicly that the Alliance’s support for Ukraine is stupid, without leaving it, Ankara pretends to be fully Atlanticist.

The earthquake that has just shaken Turkey and Syria does not have the characteristics of earthquakes observed so far, anywhere in the world. The fact that a dozen Western ambassadors left Ankara in the five days preceding the earthquake and that, in the same period, their countries issued advice not to travel to Turkey seems to indicate that the West knew in advance what was going to happen. The United States has the technical means to cause earthquakes. In 1976, they promised never to use them. Romanian Senator Diana Ivanovici ?o?oac? claims that they violated their signature of the "Convention on the Prohibition of the Use of Environmental Modification Techniques for Military or any other Hostile Purposes" and caused this earthquake [6]. President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has asked his intelligence services (M?T) to investigate what is now only a hypothesis. In the case of a positive response, it would have to be admitted that Washington, aware that it is no longer the world’s leading economic power, nor the world’s leading military power, destroys its allies before it dies.

Contrary to the messages the West is fed, not only is Ukraine losing on the ground, but NATO is being questioned from within by at least three of its members.

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Under these conditions, how can we explain that the United States continues to send weapons to the battlefield and to demand that its allies send them en masse? It must be noted that a majority of these weapons are not modern, but date from the Cold War and are generally Soviet. There is no point in wasting weapons from the 2000s knowing that they will be destroyed because Russia has more modern weapons than the West. On the other hand, it may be interesting for various armies to test the latest generation of weapons in a high-intensity battle. In this case, the West sends only a few specimens of these weapons and certainly not more.

Moreover, while Ukrainian "full nationalist" units receive Western weapons, conscripts do not. The difference, probably two-thirds, is kept in Albania and Kosovo or sent to the Sahel. Three months ago, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, at the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) summit, denounced the arrival of these weapons in the hands of the Islamic State [6]. In the face of the exclamations of surprise and indignation from US parliamentarians, the Pentagon created a commission to monitor the deliveries. At no time did the commission report on its activities or on the detour that it had observed.

Two weeks ago, the Pentagon’s inspector general went to Ukraine, officially to shed light on these detours. In a previous article, I showed that he came there mainly to successfully erase the traces of Hunter Biden’s affairs [7]. The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, had announced that he and several members of his administration would resign urgently. This is still not the case.

The last question is why Germany, France and the Netherlands, co-owners of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, do not protest after the sabotage of which they were victims on September 26, 2022? And why don’t they react to the revelations of Seymour Hersch on the responsibility of the United States and Norway? [8] ? It is true that the spokesman of the Alternative for Germany nationalists has called for the creation of a commission of inquiry in the Bundestag on this sabotage, but the vast majority of politicians in these three countries are keeping a low profile: their worst enemy is their ally!

On the contrary, they flattered themselves by receiving President Volodymyr Zelensky in Brussels. But he had previously visited Washington and London, the two capitals that count, before coming to address those who pay.

- Source : Thierry Meyssan

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