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Kiev Regime Looking For New Soldiers Among Ukrainian Refugees Abroad

Author : South Front | Editor : Anty | February 10, 2023 at 07:05 AM

The SouthFront Team received a letter from one of our readers from England. He takes part in the UK Government Homes For Ukraine initiative and hosts a young couple of refugees from Ukraine.

On January 30, he received an official letter from the Department of Equalization, Housing and Communities. The host was demanded to provide the following personal data of his guests:

  1. Whether the sponsor hosts or hosted a Ukrainian refugee(s)
  2. Whether there is (are) a male person(s) among the refugees aged 18 plus
  3. In case a male person(s) left the residence, report this(their) posible location and other available informmation
  4. A male Ukrainian(s) aged 18 plus personal info: name, surname, middle name, age, current location of residence

In their turn, the refugees have to visit the Ukrainian embassy to “specify their personal data individually”.

Our reader wondered what was the reason for collecting such data about his guests:

Distinguished Editor,

I’m James. I reside in Ipswich, East England. I’ve been part of the UK Government Homes For Ukraine initiative for 5 months now. I am hosting a sweet couple from the city of Lviv or something like that, a young lady and her husband. Both in their late 20s. They have already found a job and we get on well together. They are simply nice people but that’s not the point of the story.

Just a couple of days ago I received a letter from the department for leveling up, housing & communities that told me to report the authority a certain data on my guests. I will obviously do that, but I just don’t really get the reason why should I. Moreover, it looks like B… (the lady’s husband, the refugee) must now visit his country’s embassy in London for only God knows what reason. The letter reads ‘Embassy of Ukraine enquiry’.

What does that ‘inquiry’ mean? Why would Ukrainian embassy gather such data? Does anybody know what is it all about?

I hope this email finds you and you would be kind to post it on your platform!

Best wishes,

James …

Obviously, this is not just a survey on Ukrainian refugees. The fact that the embassy is interested exclusively in Ukrainian men over the age of 18 indicates that this measures are taken amid some mobilization procedures. It is likely that the Kiev regime is starting to look for new soldiers among refugees abroad amid the ongoing preparations for the spring offensive on the fronts which was recently announced by Biden.

Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine predicted that at the beginning of 2023 the total number of refugees from the country will increase to nine million people. Which is probably a fairly modest forecast.

The general mobilization of Ukrainians continues amid fierce fighting along the entire front line of Donbass, heavy losses of the Ukrainian Army and the outflow of foreign mercenaries. For example, on January 1, the founder of the private military company “Mozart” Andrew Milburn recognized the victory of the PMC “Wagner” and announced that his mercenaries are leaving Ukraine.

The mobilization resource in the country is sharply decreasing. The AFU mobilizes people of older age groups, with chronic diseases, who have not served in the army, that is, those categories of the population who are unlikely to be good soldiers. Ukrainian men are captured by the military right on the streets throughout the country. 

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom has published training footage of Ukrainian crews of Challenger 2 tanks

The search for soldiers abroad may be an attempt to facilitate military supply chains to Ukraine and training of Ukrainian soldiers abroad. Ukrainians who are currently being hunted by the embassy can be mobilized to undergo training in the UK and join the crews of Challenger 2 tanks and participate in other exercises. So the refugees will soon return to their country, but already as part of combat units.

On January 14, the UK was the first among NATO countries to announce the transfer of 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Kiev. The other day, the Kingdom’s Defense Minister declared that the AFU would receive tanks before the beginning of summer. On February 5, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Zelensky to tell him that British instructors had begun to train Ukrainians to operate Challenger 2 tanks. Sunak promised to make every effort to ensure that “British military equipment arrived at the front as soon as possible.”

In addition to the UK, the training of Ukrainian tankers was organized in Germany, where they are taught to operate German-made Leopard tanks.

Despite the claims of the military officials that Ukrainians are quickly mastering the operation of foreign tanks, some Western experts doubted that Ukrainian tankers would be able to master the management of complex Western military equipment within a few weeks, even if they already have experience in managing Soviet tanks. If the Kiev regime begins mobilizing new servicemen among the refugees in the NATO countries, their training would take even more time.

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