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Explosive revelation: between 2020 and 2021, Big Pharma spent more than 30 million euros to "buy" the European Union

Author : Sheikh Dieng | Editor : Anty | February 01, 2023 at 04:54 AM

In a vitriolic report made public on January 18 and consulted by Lecourrrier-du-soir.com , the French NGO Global Health Advocate reveals that in the period from 2020 to 2021 alone, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Pfizer , Sanofi, AstraZeneca…) have spent more than 30 million euros to take full control of the European Union, by imposing their decisions on vaccine purchase contracts and censoring all information (concerning these purchase contracts ) which is unfavorable to them. Basically, Big Pharma had "bought" the European Union.

A new revelation that risks embarrassing the European Union, an organization very weakened by the recent QatarGate scandal which cost Eva Kaili, former President of the European Parliament, her post. And it's not over. Because, less than a month after this affair, it is a report by the French NGO Global Health Advocate, made public on January 18, 2023, which reveals the underside of the negotiations between the EU and the pharmaceutical lobbies in 2020 for the acquisition of vaccine doses. An operation that took place in extremely opaque conditions.

Indeed, in the Global Health Advocate report , consulted by Lecourrier-du-soir.com , the NGO made some major revelations. Thus, on page 6, we learn that between January 2020 and September 2022, approximately 100 meetings took place between high personalities of the EU and representatives of Big Pharma. And between 2020 and 2021, Big Pharma spent more than 30 million euros on its lobbying activities within the EU.

But, beyond the influence of the laboratories on the decisions taken by the European authorities, there is also another detail which did not escape the investigators, namely the conflicts of interest. Supporting evidence, the report reveals that Richard Bergstrôm, the man appointed by the Swedish government to negotiate with Big Pharma, was until 2016 director of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), an organization very close from Pfizer, Sanofi and Johnson and Johnson.

In its report, the Global Health Advocate also did not fail to complain about the attitude of the European Commission, headed by Von Der Leyen who signed a contract worth several billion euros with Pfizer. So far, so good. However, what exasperates the NGO is that it is the American laboratory which imposed the rules of the game, by giving directives to the European Commission on what should be revealed to the public or not. The report goes so far as to reveal that the labs had the final say on what should be shared with the public.

The report also underlines the strong pressure that Big Pharma exerted on the Member States of the European Union by threatening them to cut off the investments injected from the EU if ever Brussels were to accept the demand formulated by India and Africa. of the South to lift the patents.

As a reminder, the non-publication of the contracts signed between Big Pharma and the European Commission has continued in recent months to cause great tension within the EU where many countries demand that the contracts be made public in the name of of Transparency. But, despite the many requests made, the European Commission, led by Von Der Leyen, categorically refuses to make a move. And worse, the CEO of Pfizer (the lab that has benefited the most from these purchase contracts categorically refuses) categorically refuses to testify before the European Parliament.

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