March 21, 2023

CNN Continued The Latest Trend Of Shattering The West’s Official Narrative About Ukraine

Author : Andrew Korybko | Editor : Anty | January 30, 2023 at 03:51 AM

There’s no doubt that CNN’s latest piece contradicted the same artificially manufactured narrative about Ukraine that this outlet itself contributed to creating over the past year. Just the day before, I predicted in my analysis explaining why the Polish Prime Minister warned during his trip to Berlin on Monday that Kiev might lose that “the ‘official narrative’ will continue changing” and “Mainstream Media will soon parrot his dramatic fearmongering”, which is precisely what happened less than 24 hours later.

No objective observer can now deny that the trend veritably exists wherein the West’s “official narrative” is being shattered by those same forces that artificially manufactured it after CNN just jumped on the bandwagon with its latest front page piece on Wednesday. White House reporter Stephen Collinson headlined an article where he dramatically declared that “Biden reaches a vital new tipping point on Ukraine”, which completely contradicts everything that CNN had previously claimed.

According to the man who’s among this leading US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) outlet’s top perception managers, “Time is also fast ebbing for the US and its allies to send more powerful weapons and to train Ukrainian soldiers how to use them before the second, possibly decisive year of the war, which could see Russia launch a ferocious new offensive.” This is a far cry from the premature triumphalism of the past year when CNN implied that Kiev’s inevitable victory was a fait accompli.

Furthermore, in what might be a first for the MSM, Collinson acknowledged growing criticism in the US-led West’s Golden Billion of Kiev’s never-ending begging by writing that “Ukraine, given its desperate plight, will always want more.” He also broke taboo by questioning, “Is the West committed to helping Ukraine eject the invader from all of its territory?...Or is it limiting its effort to giving Ukraine sufficient steel to survive but not to win?”

Although he didn’t directly touch upon the elephant in the room, those two passages could be interpreted as an allusion to the military-industrial crisis that’s currently afflicting this de facto New Cold War bloc’s capabilities to continue supplying Kiev at the same pace, scale, and scope as before. The aforementioned crisis was officially recognized by none other than Biden’s Naval Secretary just last week, who warned that the US might soon have to choose between meeting its own needs or Kiev’s.

Collinson continued the trend of shattering the West’s official narrative about Ukraine by questioning the Biden Administration’s commitment to it, even wondering whether the incumbent will ultimately ruin his legacy. In his words, “Biden’s legacy in Ukraine – as the author of one of the most significant and so far successful US foreign policy ventures in decades – will mean little if Washington does not continue to bankroll and arm Zelensky’s forces for as long as a conflict with no end in sight lasts.”

This is clearly a reference to top Ukrainian and former US officials like the first’s incumbent Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov and the second’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently lobbying for even more than the $100 billion in aid that Washington has given Kiev thus far. The unprecedented sum disbursed to that corrupt former Soviet Republic in just 10 months is already causing a lot of controversy at home, and it’s expected that the Republican-run House might try to curtail more such assistance.

Taken together, there’s no doubt that CNN’s latest piece contradicted the same artificially manufactured narrative about Ukraine that this outlet itself contributed to creating over the past year. Just the day before, I predicted in my analysis explaining why the Polish Prime Minister warned during his trip to Berlin on Monday that Kiev might lose that “the ‘official narrative’ will continue changing” and “MSM will soon parrot his dramatic fearmongering.”

That’s precisely what happened less than 24 hours later, which confirms the prescience of my analysis and thus by extension the larger socio-political dynamics contained therein that I elaborated upon in that piece. Soledar’s liberation was truly a significant event despite all MSM gaslighting to the contrary over the past month since it was that recent development and all it entails for the Battle of Donbass that resulted in the Polish premier and then CNN irreversibly changing the conflict’s “official narrative’.

My abovementioned piece also explained why it’s clear that the Ukrainian Conflict has reached a crucial phase, the gist of which was reiterated in part by Collinson, which extended credence to my military-strategic observations from the day prior. All of this goes to show that the MSM can no longer lie about this proxy war since the facts are nowadays impossible to deny outright if these perception managers hope to retain even the most miniscule amount of credibility in the eyes of their targeted audience.

For that reason, the earlier mentioned top Ukrainian and former US officials led the charge with their lobbying at the beginning of the month, which was then followed by the Polish premier’s panicked trip to Berlin shortly after Soledar’s liberation. Just two days passed between that leading Western official’s authoritative shattering of the “official narrative” about this conflict and top MSM outlet CNN parroting the spirit of what he said, which shows how bad everything truly is for Kiev at this point in the conflict.

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