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How Covid-19 information was censored globally on social media

Author : Voltaire Network | Editor : Anty | December 21, 2022 at 03:44 AM

Through its lawsuit against federal public health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, the America First Legal Foundation obtained a batch of internal documents, revealing that the CDC had access to a secret Google portal designed to centralize the flagging of Covid-19 information conflicting with the official narrative [1].

The America First Legal Foundation is chaired by former President Donald Trump’s speechwriter. Its board of directors includes senior officials from President Trump’s White House and it runs an annual budget of over $6 million. According to the Washington Post [2], this foundation would form part part of Donald Trump’s stand-by cabinet should he win the next presidential election.

Google’s secret portal is located in Indonesia and operated by the Islamist Fact Checking Association, Mafindo [3]. The latter serves as the focal point for censorship on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Hello. It receives its funding from the Indonesian State.

The selection and sorting of “true” or “false” information is handled by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) [4]. Contrary to its deceptive name, the KFF is not a family institution, but a California-based company managed by the director of the Los Angeles Times. It hands out free pointers to journalists they should peddle regarding health issues. KFF’s financial sponsor remains undisclosed.

This arrangement has notably made it possible to foist onto the public several false concepts, such as:
 “Covid vaccines” (messenger RNA) protect against transmission of the virus.
 “Covid vaccines” (messenger RNA) are recommended for pregnant women.
 “Covid vaccines” (messenger RNA) protect children.
 “Covid vaccines” (messenger RNA) have no significant side effects regardless of patient age and condition.
 There is no effective treatment for Covid-19 other than the Western-manufactured vaccines.

This disinformation campaign has been focused, in particular, on black teenagers to get them hooked on the narrative.

Documents obtained by the America First Legal Foundation show that this entire system is controlled by the Biden administration from the White House.

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