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Interpreting Sputnik’s Warning About Kiev’s Alleged Nuclear False Flag Provocation

Author : Andrew Korybko | Editor : Anty | October 26, 2022 at 03:54 AM

Publicly financed Russian international media flagship Sputnik cited what it described as credible unnamed sources in various countries to warn on Sunday that Kiev is allegedly plotting a nuclear false flag provocation in order to implicate Moscow. Korobochka, a popular source of Russian-friendly information on Twitter, earlier elaborated on this scenario in their Substack article about why “Russia Will Not Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine”. It generated a discussion across part of the Alt-Media Community (AMC) that was just extended more credence in light of Sputnik’s dire warning.

According to that reputable outlet, Kiev’s constructing a dirty bomb that it plans to use in order to “launch a global anti-Russian campaign aimed at undermining confidence in Moscow.” They added that this “will prompt an extremely negative reaction from the international community. As a result, Moscow will lose the support of many of its key partners, while the West will again try to raise the issue of depriving Russia of the status of a permanent member of the UN Security Council and ramp up its anti-Russian rhetoric.” Considering the severity of what’s at stake, all of this should be taken very seriously.

There’s a certain logic inherent to these warnings that makes them all the more credible, namely the pattern of Kiev and its patrons in the US-led West’s Golden Billion falsely claiming that Russia’s doing precisely what they themselves are guilty of. This weaponization of false flag conspiracy theories most recently concerns the counterfactual allegations that Russia is bombing the same Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) under its control as well supposedly plotting to blow up the Kakhovka Dam in order to flood its own territory and trigger a humanitarian crisis in Crimea by depriving the peninsula of water.

It goes without saying that those two claims are nonsensical, similar in spirit to Biden’s fearmongering earlier this month that Russia has purportedly pushed the world to the brink of Armageddon. The American leader claimed that his counterpart is plotting to use nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian Conflict, which is a deliberate twisting of his words with respect to President Putin warning that Russia will use all means at its disposal to defend its territorial integrity. The only credible scenario of this happening is as an absolute last resort in self-defense if Kiev successfully blitzes Novorossiya.  

Newly appointed commander of the special operation Army General Surovikin has sought to preempt that scenario precisely through his country’s implementation of its own version of “shock and awe” in recent weeks. By weakening its opponent’s military capabilities behind the Line of Control (LOC), Russia greatly reduced the likelihood of Kiev blitzing across the Novorossiya region that it just recently reunified with and thus potentially prompting Moscow to defend its territorial integrity with tactical nukes as an absolute last resort.

Be that as it is, the US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) and Kiev continue fearmongering that the Kremlin still supposedly has intentions to use those Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and for offensive purposes at that instead of the purely defensive ones that it would employ if absolutely needed. This information warfare narrative ominously reminds many observers of the prior false flag ones that were earlier weaponized against Russia regarding the ZNPP and the Kakhovka Dam, thus making many wonder if Kiev is indeed plotting a similar false flag plot exactly as Sputnik just warned.

Up until that reputable outlet’s report on Sunday afternoon, it remained the realm of speculation to seriously consider that scenario since it was rightly assumed that Russia would at least send some sort of semi-official signal about this exactly as it earlier did whenever the Golden Billion was plotting chemical weapon false flag attacks in Syria. Now that it indirectly extended credence to this possibility via Sputnik, everyone should be very concerned since the Kremlin clearly wants folks to be on the lookout for a nuclear-related false flag in the coming future.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that such a scenario is imminent, nor that it’ll even happen. All that’s being signaled is that the scenario should be taken seriously and no longer dismissed as pure speculation since Sputnik wouldn’t report about this citing credible unnamed sources unless Russia felt like something of the sort was truly being cooked up by its opponents. Recalling the vague details shared in their article, it certainly does appear to be the case that the motivation behind this unprecedented WMD provocation would be to implicate Russia and thus try to put additional pressure upon it.

That could take the form of anything from further coercing its partners in the Global South (especially its equally strategic Chinese and Indian ones with whom Russia is jointly building the emerging Multipolar World Order) into distancing themselves from that newly restored world power to even artificially manufacturing the pretext for a conventional US-led military intervention into the Ukrainian Conflict. The first would simply be the continuation of a preexisting trend while the second was coincidentally just suggested by former CIA chief Petraeus, who proposed a so-called “coalition of the willing”.

Observers should also keep in mind that the US’ ruling Democrat elite are desperate for something dramatic to happen in NATO’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine in the last-ditch hopes of cushioning the blow that voters are expected to inflict upon them during the upcoming midterms. If the Kherson Counteroffensive continues stalling, then it therefore naturally follows that the false flag nuclear provocation might be commenced to create a major crisis that might scare Americans into supporting the incumbent party out of MSM-manipulated “patriotic” motivations.

Reflecting on the insight that was thus far shared in this analysis, there are thus three primary motivations behind the US potentially authorizing Kiev to go forward with the false flag nuclear provocation that Sputnik just warned about. These are the ruling Democrat elite’s desire for something dramatic to happen in that proxy war for the purpose of either cushioning the voters’ blow to their party or rallying Americans around the incumbents ahead of the midterms; further pressuring the Global South to distance itself from Russia; and possibly creating the pretext for a direct US-led intervention.

Each of these is strategic in their own way and could thus end up being game-changers if even a single one of them succeeds should this false flag nuclear plot indeed go through. That said, there are also reasons why it might not happen, first and foremost because Russia is already indirectly exposing it through its perfectly timed pre-bunking that was just carried out by Sputnik. Second, nobody can predict exactly how Russia would react to Kiev setting off a nuclear device and then immediately implicating Moscow. And third, similar ambiguity exists when it comes to a US-led intervention into the conflict.

All told, observers should decide for themselves exactly how credible this scenario truly is, but they also shouldn’t dismiss it either even in the event that they remain skeptical since Sputnik wouldn’t have cited credible unnamed sources to warn about it had that outlet’s state patron not thought this possible. All that can be known for sure is that both direct participants in this conflict are warning that the other is supposedly plotting major false flag attacks, which suggests that everyone should brace themselves for something big in the coming future even though it remains unclear exactly what it is that might happen.

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