December 04, 2023

Top 8 WORST INVENTIONS of the past century that decimate people’s health and safety

Author : SD Wells - DCDirtyLaundry | Editor : Anty | October 13, 2022 at 03:53 AM

Throughout history, there are amazing inventions that improve our world, our lives and help us evolve. Some of those inventions, though, are utilized for evil purposes. Then, there are inventions that simply were designed for evil purposes, and that’s what this research reveals about 8 inventions that destroy people’s mind and body, and put their lives at risk. Just because something comes from a laboratory or a tech facility, or from some software engineer’s computer, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing since sliced bread (which isn’t so good for you either).

Let’s take an inside look at some inventions that the media and the medical establishments brag about, that are abusive, unethical and used irresponsibly to destroy people’s lives. Yet, they scream “science!” every time there’s a challenge and justify the creation and use of these “therapies” and “tools” of destruction. This requires careful consideration.

Many consumers, patients, military personnel, and students may not know this, but the following 8 inventions are used for population reduction and medical tyranny

Many inventions are used mainly for evil purposes and the majority of Americans have no clue, thanks to (fake news) mass media, social media, misinformation, big tech and the highly corrupted US regulatory agencies. The inventions that top this list are:

#1. Electroshock Therapy  

#2. Vaccines

#3. Chemotherapy

#4. Agent Orange

#5. DDT

#6. Facebook

#7. Spike Protein Injections (mRNA)

#8. Google – They no longer allow anyone to see natural health information

Electroconvulsive therapy a.k.a. “electroshock therapy” used for the torture of mental patients and prisoners of war

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), a.k.a. “electroshock therapy,” dates back to doctors and psychologists strapping down unwilling patients, attaching electrodes to their skulls, and blasting them with electricity to “shock” their brain into functioning properly, or even just as “research” that also makes doctors feel powerful and sadistic. Prisoners of war have been tortured this way, into revealing secrets and plans. Mental patients and children are tortured in the name of “medicine” and there’s no proof that this “therapy” works available anywhere.

Some ECT supporters call it the “gold standard” of treatment for deep and “stubborn” depression, but it’s crude, archaic and dangerous, to say the least, often causing memory loss, not to mention permanent nervous system and brain damage.

Using electricity to shock the brain into a seizure can result in permanent brain damage, whether by pulses or steady currents. Doctors are delusional who think these ECT-induced seizures are any safer in 2022 than they were a century or two ago.

Doctors try to dismiss and downplay the damaging effects and make up diagnosis saying, it’s just “resetting the brain’s broken circuits,” but a study published in 2012 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reported a considerable decrease in functional connectivity between the prefrontal lobes and other parts of the brain (similar to parts of the brain destruction that happens from a lobotomy).

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Agent Orange, DDT and chemotherapy are all designed by the same chemical Ag giants that poison our produce today with chemical pesticides and insecticides

Ever heard of Bayer or Monsanto? Of course you have. They merged a few years back into one huge chemical conglomerate, much like the IG Farben of the Nazi Regime. These companies create poisons for killing crop pests, burning down vegetation, and destroying human immune systems for cancer “treatment.” These companies function with no regard for human health or our natural environment.

What’s worse, they know their products destroy lives and life in general. They profit off this. It’s part of the business model, and has been for decades and decades. Many of the same chemicals are used for pesticides that are used for herbicides and “chemo.” They breed cancer in humans.

Then there’s Google, a search engine designed to filter out all vital information about natural health and true safety for human well-being. Facebook, a.k.a. “Fakebook,” is another spying tool that’s chock full of misinformation and disinformation about anything having to do with staying healthy or healing using natural remedies. Both Google and Fakebook contribute to the mass-disinformation campaign that hides all of the dangers of being injected with spike proteins.

It’s all part of the depopulation agenda, and these inventions are NOT helping humans evolve or even sustain themselves and our earth.

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