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US Trained Ex Air India Pilot Among Cartel Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Into India

Author : GreatGameIndia | Editor : Anty | October 10, 2022 at 03:15 AM

A US trained ex Air India pilot was among the cartel arrested for smuggling drugs into India. The detained pilot, Sohail Gaffar, had previously worked for Air India. Sohail Gaffar, a trained American, is said to have left his position a few years ago, citing health issues.

The Narcotics Control Bureau recovered 60 kilogram of mephedrone narcotics worth ? 120 crore from a warehouse in Mumbai as part of a massive drug bust. One of the two arrested is a former pilot with Air India, reports NDTV.

The confiscation of the party drug is related to a wider network that was also implicated in a drug bust earlier this week in Jamnagar, Gujarat. In that incident, four individuals were arrested.

Sohail Gaffar, the arrested pilot, formerly worked for Air India. Sohail Gaffar, who was educated in the United States, supposedly left his employment a few years ago for medical reasons.

According to anti-drug officials, the very same drug cartel distributed around 225 kg of mephedrone drugs in the market, 60 kg of which was confiscated yesterday.

The Mumbai narcotics bust was the result of a tip from naval intelligence at Jamnagar.

Massive amounts of narcotics were seized in Gujarat earlier this year.

200 kilos of mephedrone narcotics were seized in Vadodara in August. 260 kg of narcotics were taken from Kandla port in April.

3000 kg of drugs worth ? 21,000 crore were confiscated from Mundra port in September of last year in one of the largest drug busts.

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