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Russia Gaining International Support as Western Crimes are Exposed in Ukraine

Author : Clandestine | Editor : Anty | August 31, 2022 at 05:10 AM

Yesterday, China convened the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to discuss the topic of "Maintenance of international peace and security: Promote common security through dialogue and cooperation”.

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This is in response to the United States’ continual lack of transparency and cooperation on all fronts, to include their crimes against humanity in Ukraine, and most recently the deliberate provocation of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

Here I will cover the statements from Russia, via UN Representative, Vassily Nebenzia. I’m going to break down the passages that stuck out to me. Full transcript link in the footnotes.

“Hardly anyone can be satisfied with the international situation we are facing today. The international security system is going through a profound crisis. Almost all institutions it relied on have deteriorated, the level of trust between key international players has dropped to a critical low.”

“For 30 years we have been patiently trying to reach an agreement with NATO on the principles of equal and indivisible security in the Euro-Atlantic area. However, in response to our proposals, we constantly heard either cynical lies or attempts to excercise pressure and blackmail.”

Worldwide tensions are rising. Global crisis on the horizon. Lack of trust in institutions and international leaders. And notice the usage of “30 years”. That’s approximately when Bush Sr. took office, and thus began the reign of 30 years of Deep State US control.

Russia are lobbying for diplomatic solutions and the West simply “refuse to hold substantial deliberations.”

The next passage should be screaming something at you. Russia are calling out the Deep State.

“The reason why the collective West has been purposefully destroying the system of European security all these years is that the calibrated system of "checks and balances" designed to take into account our interests has ceased to meet its hegemonic aspirations. It was tempted to bend the world into submission and force the whole world to work and live according to the rules set by the Western countries. Collective security is incompatible with coercion and hegemony, the desire to undermine any alternative, sovereign paths of development, to keep countries and peoples in the grip of a colonial order. They use every trick in the book: rough interference in the internal affairs of states, coup d'état, threats, blackmail, economic coercion, inciting conflicts. And in recent years, there have also been dirty misinformation campaigns based on lies and the presumption of one's own guilt. Truth and facts in their world do not play any role, because the leading Western media and PR agencies are working to smear the opponent.”

Coup d’etats, international State interference (proxies), threats, blackmail, economic coercion, inciting conflict, misinformation campaigns by Western media… this is literally the Deep State playbook. This is how [they] gain and maintain control of countries around the world, and Russia are not shy from letting us know they are privy to the existence of the Deep State and their nefarious activity.

Also something to note, Russia/Trump/Q talking points are all coinciding. And China are in agreement with Russia, just less vocal on the matter.

The next passage covers the US establishment of their Ukraine proxy via coup in 2014, and the conflict at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

“Today, by pumping Kyiv with heavy weapons, the United States and its allies are doing everything in their power to protract the conflict in Ukraine, which began after the Maidan regime in 2014 attacked the people living in the South-East of the country with bombs and shells, relegating the Ukrainian people to the fate of "cannon fodder"

At the same time, contrary to their own declared values, Western countries cynically turn a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology, massacres of the people in Donbas and violations of international humanitarian law by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national guards. In recent weeks, Western patrons of Ukraine have, in fact, helped Kyiv in its attempts of nuclear blackmail, ignoring the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At a UN Security Council meeting convened by Russia last week on this issue, not a single Western delegation was determined to call a spade a spade and urge Kyiv to stop these dangerous actions that could lead to a radiation catastrophe on the European continent. We requested another urgent meeting in connection with the ongoing provocations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station.”

Here Russia plead with the Western world to stop the charade, stop ignoring the slaughter of innocents by the Ukrainian Nazis, stop ignoring the war crimes, stop ignoring the provocations of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and the possibility of a Chernobyl-level event, etc.

Of course the West still refuse to acknowledge any of these realities, but the effort is not for nothing. Why? Because the rest of the world are seeing this. Russia are gaining international support.

“Today, before our very eyes, the contours of a new world order begin to shape. More and more countries are choosing the path of sovereign political, economic and civilizational development, rejecting recipes and patterns imposed by Western countries. The West is ready to do anything to preserve its hegemony. For the sake of this, Ukraine was sacrificed, turned into a training ground for a proxy war with Russia until the last Ukrainian. We hope that the actions of the West in this country have opened the eyes of many in the world to the true background of the crisis that erupted on our planet.

What is happening with Ukraine now, and in general the actions of NATO on the European continent over the past 30 years, is a lesson for the whole world. Do you think that in other regions the US and its allies will act differently? History shows the opposite. Therefore, do not ask for whom the bell tolls today - it tolls for you!”

Russia called a spade a spade. The US have, and continue to, sacrifice the lives of Ukrainian civilians to carry-out and cover-up their activity in their proxy of Ukraine. And countries worldwide are taking notice. The US are not this beacon of “democracy” they claim to be.

And you’ll notice, AGAIN, that Russia say that this crisis has been going on for “30 years”. At the end of Reagan, and the beginning of the Deep State reign of the United States.

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In conclusion, China and Russia seem to be the sane and diplomatic ones, while the US refuse to address any of the Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological allegations. Russia and China are pleading for cooperation and exercising the proper diplomatic channels, while the West simply cry that anything they don’t like is “Russian disinformation”.

As we can see, this strategy isn’t holding up, as more and more countries continue to quietly side with Russia as they see the US nefarious activities being exposed in Ukraine.

Granted, the UNSC still cannot move forward with holding the US accountable, because the US are one of the Big 5, and they just veto anything they don’t like. Highlighting a glaring flaw in global diplomacy. Introducing the need for change.

Evolution arises only out of necessity, and soon the world will reach a crisis that will justify sweeping changes to the world power struggle. Even on the highest global diplomatic medium, there is a looming feeling that the world is approaching the precipice.

- Source : Clandestine

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