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Climate clowns: Corona has produced tons of hazardous waste

Author : Free West Media | Editor : Anty | February 07, 2022 at 04:08 AM

The National Post, a Canadian daily, has suggested that vaccine passports be extended to include a carbon score and Forbes has argued that digital IDs could help mitigate “seismic waste challenges“. The reality of the pandemic is writ large however: A climate catastrophe manufactured by zealous pharmaceutical companies which is costing us our freedom.

“Companies use hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) gasses to freeze vaccines to a very low temperature — minus 70 degrees Celsius for the BioNTech/Pfizer jab […] HFC emissions have a global warming effect up to 23 000 times greater than CO2,” according to Politico. And French officials calculated that up to 30 percent of vaccine doses will be wasted due to logistics constraints.

The Corona pandemic has brought with it all sorts of “side effects”. One of them is plastic garbage. Not only do masses of masks end up on the streets, in forests or on the oceans, but there are also tons of medical waste, so-called “hazardous waste”, as the German newspaper Bild reported.

The WHO is now demanding that disposal strategies be introduced worldwide. “Around 30 percent of all hospitals and medical practices worldwide do not have adequate disposal facilities for syringes, protective clothing and other medical waste,” the WHO is quoted as saying.

Rubbish and risk

In addition to the problem of accumulated rubbish, the staff who come into contact with the objects are “exposed to the risk of injury, for example from syringes and other contaminated instruments”. In addition, populations could be endangered by contaminated water, disease-carrying pests and the like.

Too many people carelessly and ruthlessly just drop their rubbish, no longer care or pretend that someone is cleaning up after them. But the garbage remains, is deposited in nature and mainly washed into the oceans.

A scientific study has found that extra garbage has also landed there since the Corona pandemic – namely countless masks, gloves and other protective equipment including tests. The Daily Mail cited researchers from California using a computer model to simulate the fate of plastic waste when it leaves beaches, floats along the waterfront and breaks into pieces.

They estimate that from the start of the pandemic to August 2021, 8,4 million tons of pandemic-related plastic waste was generated in 193 countries. Nearly three-quarters — 71 percent — are likely to be washed up on beaches by the end of 2021, the model predicted.

Most of the Covid-related plastic comes from medical waste generated by hospitals, the researchers say. That dwarfs the contribution of packaging from online shopping giants like Amazon and eBay.

The study was led by a team of researchers from Nanjing University’s School of Atmospheric Sciences and UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

“Plastic waste harms marine life and has become a major global environmental problem,” the study underscored. “The Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased demand for single-use plastic, adding pressure to an already out-of-control problem. This poses a long-standing problem for marine life and is mainly accumulated on beaches and coasts.”

Asian rivers are the main contributors

Most of the plastic waste ends up in the oceans via the rivers. Asian rivers account for 73 percent of all plastic emissions, with the three largest contributors being the Shatt al-Arab, Indus and Yangtze rivers, which empty into the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and East China Sea.

European rivers account for 11 percent of runoff, with minor contributions from other continents.

The pandemic has generated tens of thousands of tons of hazardous medical waste, the World Health Organization admitted. It has called for countries to implement disposal strategies and improve existing measures to dispose of medical waste.

Around 30 percent of all hospitals and medical practices worldwide do not have adequate disposal facilities for syringes, protective clothing and other medical waste, it said. In the poorest countries, even 60 percent of medical facilities could not fall back on waste management, which is necessary for proper disposal of Corona waste.

According to the information, protective clothing and equipment weighing around 87 000 tons were delivered to various countries from March 2020 to November 2021 by a UN initiative alone. In addition, more than eight billion doses of vaccine against Covid-19 have been administered by injection. Most of these instruments and materials were treated as garbage after use.

Graphene masks are toxic

France has meanwhile suspended the distribution of FFP2 masks containing graphene. The French Agency for Health Security (Anses) announced on January 14 the suspension pending a risk assessment. In April of last year, Canada also withdrew graphene masks.

Anses recommended the use of graphene-free masks “due to the lack of information on the graphene used by manufacturers and on the toxicity of this substance, especially in the long term” since ” the objectives pursued by manufacturers by adding graphene to masks “are neither stated nor demonstrated”.

Sadly no mask can filter the entry or exit of viruses, but the FFP2 masks are the most recommended by “experts” and ordinary citizens have been forced to wear them when working. Ironically, the same governments who pretend to care about “clean air” have dictated the wearing of toxic masks.

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